Two Dogs on a Log

I love taking the dogs hiking. I have noticed on our outings that Lacey and Lark handle obstacles a little bit differently. 

There's Lacey:

Aaaaand then there's Lark

 What about you? Is your dog a confident Lacey, a trying very hard to function Lark, or something entirely different?

The Backstory

I figure before we talk about the present we should go back to the beginning of my crazy dog life. There would be no Lace and Lark without the dogs that preceded them. The dogs that taught me how to treat animals with respect and showed me just how strong the relationship between humans and dogs has become. 

I grew up with dogs. For most of my life there were at least 3 dogs in our family at a time.  But the one I first really called MINE was a dog named Opie. 


Opie was a small mutt, possibly schipperke/ chihuahua/ whatever else, that was found under an overpass. He wasn't exactly a good dog by any traditional means. He barked, he peed, he ran away the second you weren't paying attention and had zero recall. He would run around the neighborhood and return whenever he got bored enough. But to tiny Melanie? 

He was the best dog ever. 

With Opie I learned how to train a dog. It was a lot of trial and error between us but he ended up learning about 20 different tricks. Not bad for tiny Melanie and her rebellious street dog. 

Along with Opie there was Barney, Sunny, and Junior. And still with us are Hubert, Tim, and Vinny (there's a big theme of human names for dogs in our family). Each one teaching me the qualities I would want in my future dogs and leading me to

Lacey and Lark

My beautiful dummies. The yote sisters.